The IIVS AVF (Arteriovenous Fistula) Academy stands as a distinguished institution at the forefront of medical education, innovation, and patient empowerment in the realm of vascular access. Dedicated to enhancing patient care and improving outcomes, the Academy serves as a beacon of excellence for healthcare professionals and patients alike.

For healthcare providers, the Academy offers comprehensive training and resources focused on arteriovenous fistula creation and maintenance, equipping them with the knowledge and skills needed to deliver superior care to patients requiring hemodialysis access. The AVF academy also trains Hemodialysis technicians / nurses about all the relevant aspects of AVF care.

In addition to professional development initiatives, the IIVS AVF Academy is committed to patient education, recognizing the critical role that informed patients play in their own hemodialysis journey. Through patient-centered resources, educational materials, and support programs, the Academy empowers individuals undergoing hemodialysis treatment to better understand their condition, treatment options, and the importance of vascular access management in achieving optimal health outcomes.

IIVS AVF Academy runs the following programs:

  • Fistula First initiative
  • Access surveillance program